SOCWC is a place where you can seek and receive Godly counsel, enjoy fellowship with God and fellow believers, and feel free to commune with and to praise God without judgement from others. It is a place where God’s presence is felt, His spirit leads, His word is taught and honored, and where the desire to please Him are the major factors in our operations.

Our vision is that every believer

  • Understands the meaning of salvation,
  • Understands God’s grace and what it brings to one’s life
  • Matures in one’s identity ‘In Christ’ and in being Holy Spirit
  • Is restored in all realms of one’s being (physical, spiritual, and social)
  • Is nourished on the word of God

We want every individual to have the opportunity to worship God in serving others and in giving, to use God-given gifts and talents, to be an integral part of something larger than oneself and to be valued.